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Prototype Manufacturing, First Article Production Services

Prototype and First Article Production services at Bay Rubber Company transform a bright idea into a tangible product supported with MBD drawings and inspection reports. We work with Businesses Big and Small, Independent Inventors, Research & Development Laboratories, Universities, and Globally Recognized Brands providing consistent and accurate services for any size project.

Work Flow

Work Flow

Contact Us – or Call 1-510-635-9151

Provide Drawing & Information – Share drawing files, contact information and any relevant information. Relevant information should include material call outs, tolerances, environmental considerations, temperature, exposure, conformance standards and quantity needed.

Consultation – Share any additional information, discuss material options and lead times. Following this interaction, a quote or order acknowledgment will be supplied.

MBD Drawings – If MBD drawings have not been supplied Bay Rubber Company can provide 2D and 3D CAD files as well as any PDF drawings one may require.

Drawing Importation & Die Creation – CAD files are imported then converted to digital die files.

Machining – Production processes occur converting raw material into desired shape.

Dimensional Inspection – Measurement devices are used to validate cut part against MDB drawing. Reporting & Reverse Engineering services are available. Click here to learn more.

Packaging, Marking, Kitting – Cut parts can be packaged individually or in groups. Identification with part marking (etching & inking) and labeling. Component kitting services are available.

Increase Quantity – Following customer approval die files maybe called upon to cut production level quantities.

Revision Change – Update drawings revisions quickly with a partner you can trust.

Empowering our customers by accurately and efficiently machining and distributing parts and products through a proven system. At Bay Rubber Company, we measure our success against your satisfaction.


Reverse Engineering Services – Apply reverse engineering services to new prototypes or old OEM parts that do not have CAD drawings. At Bay Rubber Company, we provide everything you need to define parts or products.

Digitizing & Scanning Services – Quickly reverse engineer using 3D scanning technology. Capture and convert point clouds into a detailed rendered model. Capable of accuracy smaller than .0001 inches.

Dimensional Inspection – Parts and components can be inspected against engineered drawings or results can be recorded to provide the standard for future production.

Drawing Creation – CAD drawings are created using captured data, converted to a .DXF or .STP file along pdf and MBD drawings.

First Article Production – First article and small batch production quantities are created.

Large Quantity Production – Order production level quantities, optimize pricing at scale, and enjoy all the benefits of our value added and supply chain management services.

Prototype and first article production services can include many or a few of the listed services. At Bay Rubber Company, we will do our best to complete every request with accuracy and in the most efficient way possible. Submit your request today.

Contact us today and let us show you what we can do for your operation.

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