CNC Routing Services, CNC Engraving Services

Bay Rubber Company’s CNC Routing and CNC Engraving Services add additional depth and dimension to specialized parts and assemblies. Materials are no longer constrained to two dimensions like traditional steel ruled die cutting; tool path options increase customization for materials up to 6”. CAD software and CNC processing hardware updates allow for seamless integration and execution of new parts. Bay Rubber’s CNC routing & engraving services include drawing importation and revision updates, material selection & storage, tool pathing, and material processing.

CNC Router Cutting Applications
Gaskets 3D Carving Aluminum Fabrication Architectural Millwork Woodworking Applications
Aerospace Aerospace Cabinetry Exhibits and Fixtures Sign Making

CNC Router Cutting and Engraving Materials

Acrylic Wood ACM Copper Brass
Aluminum PVC Foam MDF Composite
Drawing Importation and Revision Updates

Submit drawings and designs to for rapid quoting or use our secure file upload link and an expert will review your request.

Drawing importation includes a review of all MBD features, tolerances and additional spec call-outs required to produce the proper part. Once first article has been accepted the drawing file can be called upon to manufacture any quantity desired. Revision updates are simple and straight forward. Just resubmit updated drawings with new revision number and, following a thorough review, new parts are stored along with older parts.

Material Selection & Storage

Material selection is a key factor for the success of a product in its intended application. Critical factors include appearance, performance, chemical compatibility, temperatures range and more. Proper material selection will guarantee extended service life and operation of the component as well as the system in which it functions.

Material storage is simple at Bay Rubber Company. We have an ideal environment for storing and maintaining inventory of gasket material and sheet rubber products. Customers can access our stock items or have custom formulations warehoused until parts can be cut from it. Customers have the option to supply materials for processing.

CNC Router Services: Material Processing

Processing occurs at our California headquarters. Material characteristics and thickness will be the most critical factors in processing speed and throughput. Nesting software automatically reduces material waste and increases efficiency. Automatic tool changing increases processing capabilities and reduces downtime between operations.

Working Parameters
Work Area: 50” x 100” Gantry: 6” Clearance, 100” Wide Width Spindle: PDS 7.5 HP ADES90 Spindle Z-Carriage: Electric Oscillating Knife
Tool Pathing

Toolpaths are the information that the milling machining uses to direct the tool through the material. Toolpaths must be carefully defined to minimize imperfections and poorly performing parts. Bay Rubber Company is an expert in subtractive manufacturing process and has extensive knowledge in removing material safely and producing parts that exceed minimum tolerance requirements.

Common Toolpaths Include
  • Parallel
  • Contour (Surface)
  • Scallop
  • Shallow
  • Contour (2D & 3D)
  • Pocket
  • Drill
Acceptable File Types

Import 3D Mesh files created in other CAD software such as, Rhino, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Silo, MOI, Blender, SketchUp, etc.

For additional information about how Bay Rubber CNC Routing Services and CNC Engraving Services can improve your projects please contact us today.