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Hose couplings, fittings, clamps and accessories are all available at Bay Rubber Company. We specialize in the distribution and assembly of industrial hose couplings and fluid transfer products. Selecting the right connection ensures that any media will be conveyed safely and efficiently during operation. Stock items include many of the essential items for producing safe and reliable assemblies for the construction, manufacturing, automotive, OEM, and petroleum industries.  Couplings, fittings, and accessories are suitable for applications involving air & water service, fuel delivery, food and beverage manufacturing, wash down and much more.     

CAM & Groove

·      Type A Adapters

·      Type B Couplers

·      Type C Couplers

·      Type D Couplers

·      Type E Adapters

·      Type F Adapters

·      Dust Caps and Plugs

·      Reducing Couplers and Adapters

Industrial Hose Fittings

·      Combination Nipples

·      Short Crimp Sleeves

·      Shank Couplings

·      Strainers, Skimmers & Foot Valves

·      Hose Barbs & Inserts

·      Garden Hose Fittings


·      Worm Gear Clamps

·      Universal Pre-Formed K Series

·      Band & Buckle System

·      Strapping

·      Band Clamp Hand Tools

·      Worm Gear Clamps

Pneumatic Fittings

·      Universal Couplings

·      Quick Disconnects


·      Petroleum Fuel Nozzles

·      Fire Nozzles

·      Washdown Nozzles

Bay Rubber Company offers solutions for most industrial applications but certainly not all. Coupling products and accessories can be special ordered meet the requirements of custom applications and industry specifications.  Assembly and kitting services are available upon request. For file upload and to get in touch with Bay Rubber Company please follow the link to our contact us page or call 510-635-9151.

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