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Flexible hose, ducting and accessories provide an essential role in the transfer of air, fume, dust and material(s) for numerous industrial and commercial applications.  Standard items include wire reinforced coated fabric hose, wire reinforced plastic hose, wet or dry vacuum hose and blow molded corrugated tubing products. Bay Rubber Company can recommend products for Air, Fume, Dust, and Material Handling applications as well as Industry specific needs including the Aerospace, Automotive, Laboratory and Medical sectors.

 Five Critical Factors of Product selection:  Size, Temperature, Application, Media and Pressure (link to STAMPED PDF)

Ducting products are available for the following service applications

• Heating or Cooling
• Drying
• Dehumidifying
• Cleaning
• Dust Covers
• Supply
• Connectors
• Air Filter Intakes
• Laboratory
• Industrial
• Automotive
• Painting
• Welding
• Soldering
• Plating
• Filtering
• Movement
• Exhaust
• Duct Cleaning
• Textile Fiber Collection
• Vacuum Cleaning
• Lint Collection
• Loading (Containment)
• Cutting
• Grinding
• Light Weight
• Material Handling
• Shavings
• Chips
• Powders
• Debris
• Leaf Collection
• Street Sweeping
• Lawn Vacuum
• Slurries
• Sawdust Collection
• Drains
• Packing Popcorn   

Bay Rubber Company offers solutions for most industrial applications. Ducting and accessories can be produced meet the requirements of custom applications.  Assembly and kitting services are available upon request. For file upload and to get in touch with Bay Rubber Company please follow the link to our contact us page or call 510-635-9151.

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