Adhesives and glues provide a great option for creating permanent bonds when fasteners or other mounting solutions will not work. Selecting the correct option for you is critical to the performance and life time of the bond. Depending on the application users may require rigid or flexible bonds. Bay Rubber Company offers solutions for most industrial applications.

Material Compatibility & Recommendations:

Contact Cement -  Aluminum, Drywall, Fabric, Masonry, Plastic, Rubber, Steel, Wood

Cold Vulcanizing Adhesive – Splicing Belts, Bonding Belts Repair Strips and Patches, Bonding Rubber-to-Rubber, Cleat Fabrication, Rubber-to-Metal Applications

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives – Metal, Plastic, Thermoplastic, Thermoset Plastic, Wood, Leather, Rubber

Brush-on Adhesives- Aluminum, Drywall, Fabric, Masonry, Plastic, Rubber, Steel, Wood

Spray Adhesives- Acoustic Sealing, Bonding, Concrete, Construction, Edge Banding, Laminating, Marine, Melamine, Metalworking, Upholstery, Woodworking

Silicone Adhesives- Rollers, Gaskets, O-Rings, Hoses, Spark Plug Boots, Connector Seals, Ignition Cables, Exhaust hangers, Fuel System Valves, Powertrain Applications, Oil-system Seals, Aerospace Door Seals, Aerospace Masks

Double Sided Tape- Automotive, Medical Equipment, General Industrial Applications, Plastic Assembly, Electronic Assemblies – Phones, Tablets, Wearable Devices, Workstations

Adhesives and glues may require specific application and installation methods to insure the integrity and quality of the bond. Please consider all factors when selecting the appropriate adhesive. For file upload and to get in touch with Bay Rubber Company please follow the link to our contact us page or call 510-635-9151.

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