Industrial Hose Assembly Services

Industrial Hose Assembly Services
Industrial Hose Assembly Services

Industrial Hose Selection

Bay Rubber Company is a valued partner in hose selection and assembly services with over 70 years in the fluid and material transfer industry. Through the years our team has provided industrial hose services for companies of all sizes and specialties. We specialize in the following categories:

Food & Beverage Processing Industries Construction, Contracting & Engineering Manufacturing & Metals Industries
Transportation & Utilities Petroleum, Chemicals, & Mining Production New Technologies

Bay Rubber Company offers onsite inspection, private consultations, as well as access to industrial engineers and experts at America’s most trusted manufacturers of hose, valves, couplings, and many more fluid sealing products. Proper hose selection is critical to the success of the assembly, can save lives, help the planet, reduce downtime, and increase service life of hose assemblies.

Hose selection begins with S.T.A.M.P.E.D. For customers who know exactly what they need please contact Bay Rubber Company and we will get started on your custom industrial hose order immediately, for those who need additional selection assistance please look at the S.T.A.M.P.E.D. guide below.

Size Temperature Application Media Pressure Ends Details

Industrial Hose Assembly

End-to-end assembly of industrial hose has been available and perfected at Bay Rubber Company over the last 65 years. Hose assembly services include:

Hose Cutting

Hose cutting and de-burring available for any length and quantity of hose. Using advanced cutting techniques and technology ensures hose ends are prepared for clean service or additional assembly processes. Hose lengths can be ordered by the foot, reel, or coil lengths.


A fitting attachment method utilizing a number of fingers or dies mounted in a radial configuration. The dies close perpendicular to the hose and fitting axis, compressing the collar, ferrule, or sleeve around the hose. Complete hose assembly using the cleanest, safest, and securest machine on the market. Capable of crimping 4” industrial hose and 2” 90° elbows with a crimp force of (2000KN/200Ton)

Recommended Applications:

Pressure Washing, General Service, Industrial, Hydraulic Hose

Internal Expansion/Swaging

Internal expansion of the coupling to the hose is accomplished by pushing the tubular ferrule (commonly made of tubular steel, but also available in brass or stainless steel) through a split die which reduces the ferrules outside diameter causing the ferrule to penetrate into the hose wall. This results in a 360° uninterrupted compression band around the hose. Internal expansion couplings allow “full flow” and minimize buildup of material around coupling shank

Recommended Applications:

Aviation Refueling, Fuel and Oil Delivery, and Concrete and Grout Pumping

Hose Banding

A coupling attachment method utilizing a metal ring shrunk onto the outer surface of a hose end or fitting. The banding method is recommended for moderate pressure applications and provides a quick repair option for hose assemblies in service that are using banded ends already.

Recommended Applications:

Automotive and household applications

Hose Kitting

Reduce the complexity of purchasing by having Bay Rubber Company construct custom hose kits. Assemblies can be kitted and labeled for easy identification while reducing the number of part numbers that need to be managed.

Industrial Hose Repair

Industrial hose repair is performed at our Oakland location by trained and certified technicians. Repairs include hose mending and recovering ends that are still safe for service. Site inspections can be requested and are conducted by expert hose design service members; we strongly encourage scheduling inspections on a regular basis to avoid any failures and work stoppages. Hose repair kits and banding tools are available for purchase and offer the fastest most responsive source of repair.

Hose Testing & Certification

Safety and accuracy are the top priorities of any industrial hose assembly that is why we perform hydrostatic testing, labeling & tagging and certification services for any hose manufactured at our facility our by one of our component manufacturers. Hydrostatic testing ensures that the hose and ends will be performed at the maximum operating pressure. Labeling & tagging can be requested, helping plant managers and service crews with identification and planned maintenance and repair scheduling. Certifications will show results of testing, label & tag information as well as information of components.

Trust Bay Rubber Company to supply and assemble all of your industrial hose components. It is our goal to provide materials manufactured and designed by American companies as often as possible. Please share any manufacturing or sourcing requirements and we will do our best to accommodate.