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Hydraulic Hose and Hose fittings

Bay Rubber Company is expanding its industrial hose portfolio to include the very best quality hydraulic hose and fittings on the market. Hydraulics can be defined as the science of using fluid, under pressure, to do work. Hydraulic hose assemblies are flexible, fluid power connectors used to convey and direct these fluids. In todays modern industrial landscape hydraulics are used to support the aerospace, agriculture, construction, marine, mining, transportation as well as nearly every other industry.

At Bay Rubber company it is our goal to create the safest, longest lasting, highest quality hydraulic hose assemblies on the market. As a distributor we have access to thousands of hydraulic parts as well as a large stock inventory. This allows Bay Rubber Company to create countless combinations while meeting the specifications of SAE, SAE J517, MSHA, DOT/FMVSS, USCG, DOD and MIL.

Bay Rubber Company has the ability to crimp and assemble hydraulic hoses up to 2" I.D.

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