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Gasket Shop

Bay Rubber Company has been producing high quality gaskets and seals to meet the needs of our customers since 1952. Over the years we have continued to produce these products using die and lathe cutting techniques. As the complexity of gaskets grew the need to expand our capabilities had to match the emerging market for specialized and custom gaskets. Today Bay Rubber Company produces gaskets and seals using a CAD/CAM cutting system and C02 laser cutter in addition to other traditional methods.

With the addition of new technology, we are no longer limited by the density, detailing, shape or size of gasket materials. Some of the most common gasket materials include:

Plastics (PP, PET, PC, PMMA, PS, PES, PA, and many more) Virgin & Expanded PTFE Corrugated Rubber Matting
Pebble Top Rubber Matting Cloth Inserted Neoprene Sponge
EPDM Neoprene Non-asbestos
Nitrile Cork FKM/ Viton
Silicone Graphite Paper

Die Cutting:

CAD/CAM Cutting:

Laser Cutting:

Click Press
Cut Materials Up to ¾" Thickness
Thousands of Dies On Hand
Traveling Head Press

Cut Foam & Sponge Up to 4" Thickness
Cut Sheet Rubber Up to 1" Thickness
Import Custom Drawings
In House CAD Drawings
Minimize Material Waste
No Tooling Charge
Produces Identical Parts
Rapid Turn Around Time

Cut up to ¾" Thickness
Finer Detail
Import Custom Drawings
Minimize Material Waste
No Tooling Charge

Lathe Cutting Services Available
Water Jet Cutting Services Available