Gasket Manufacturing Services

Gaskets, seals, shims and O-rings have been manufactured by Bay Rubber Company for over 70 years. Gasket manufacturing services include traditional methods as well as computer numerical controlled (CNC) cutting platforms and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software. Utilizing the best of past and present technologies allows Bay Rubber Company to provide customers access to unique parts and standard industrial gasket profiles with ease and accuracy.

Gaskets and seals provide an essential function allowing systems and assemblies to perform optimally, and extend service life. Bay Rubber Company supplies gasket materials and manufacturing services for Americas most recognized brands and emerging industries. Parts made at Bay Rubber Company have survived great ocean depths and Low Earth Orbit.

Explore our materials and processes to learn more. Designs may be submitted on the contact us page for quoting and manufacturing availability.

Industries We Serve
  • Aerospace
  • Alternative Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Battery Technology
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Contracting
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Forestry
  • Government Contractors
  • Healthcare
  • High-tech
  • HVAC
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Petroleum
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
Gasket Types
  • Buzz Squeak Rattle (BSR)
  • Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH)
  • Custom, Die Cut

Bay Rubber Company supplies materials designed to meet a variety of industrial standards and specifications. Gaskets and seals can be made with materials that meet all the following regulatory requirements. Material testing and certification documentation should be requested at time of order.

  • ASTM
  • Military
  • SAE J200
  • AMS
  • Automotive & Transit
  • Cal-Trans
  • FDA
  • MSHA
  • NSF
  • A-A (ZZ-R)
  • USP
  • USDA
  • HHP-151F
  • Construction
  • Fungus Resistant
  • Transformer


Adhesive Backed Gaskets & Tapes

Adhesive backing can be added to nearly all our rolled and sheet products, including foams, sheet rubber, and sponges. Adhesive backing conforms to different specifications including AMS and FDA. Once the adhesive sheet is applied the gasket can be easily installed to its fixture. Adhesive backed materials can be cut to shape or shipped as complete rolls, sheets, and strips. At Bay Rubber Company, we also offer a wide variety of adhesive backed sponge tapes. Tapes have been machined to a range of widths and thicknesses.


Bay Rubber Company, we can bond rubber-to-rubber as well as various other substrates including metals, plastics, fiberglass, organic and inorganic materials. Fast cure and cold vulcanizing adhesives suitable any industrial or commercial application. Adhesives available for purchase for field service and do-it-yourselfers. Be advised all adhesives must comply to the standards required by governing body i.e. FDA, NSF, AMS. Bonding, light fabrication and assembly services are available upon request. Dove-tail and tongue & groove joints are applied to large gaskets and loading pads, promoting better surface appearance and increased service life.

Die Cutting

Traditional methods include the use of steel-ruled dies, a hydraulic press and an operator. This method involves placing the material on top of or below the steel edge of the die and lowering the press until the edge cuts through all or some of the material. This method is still extremely effective at producing one off profiles, but for customers who require absolute precision we recommend our CNC cutting systems.

Computer numerically controlled cutting systems available at Bay Rubber Company can cut custom parts and profiles with high precision and repeatability. Nesting software and cut optimization increases efficiency and throughput. By using new technologies our customers can now receive samples and first articles in days sometimes hours rather than weeks. Sheet rubber and other die cut materials are located for purchase in RFQ center. Customers may load drawings for quotation on the contact us page.

Die-less Cutting

Lamination is the process of permanently joining two or more substrates to one another. Lamination in the form of pressure sensitive adhesive can be added to any one of our stock products. Pressure sensitive adhesive allows for another permanent bond to form between the component and assembly. By layering two or more substrates together end users enjoy the added benefits that composite materials offer including strength, stability, sound insulation, and appearance.


Slitting is the operation of moving material along a set of blades or lasers that converts a large roll of material into narrower rolls. Rolls can vary in length, width and thickness giving users a variety of options for purchase. Slitting has been used to convert rubber, sponge, laminated materials, and other gasket materials into easy to handle sizes like one and two inch rolls. Some customers prefer four foot or ten foot strips for installing trim and bumper pads. Use the online catalog to select your material, include your dimensional requirements and your quote will be submitted to a Bay Rubber Company sales team member.