Bay Rubber Manufacturing Capabilities


Providing expertise and knowledge to any size project is one of the many benefits of working with a company who has been in the sealing and fluid transfer business since 1952. At Bay Rubber Company, we help customers with design assistance, failure analysis, material selection, hose selection as well as fabrication and manufacturing modalities. Our goal is to provide our customers with all the necessary information to ensure safe and high quality products are the only ones going into service. Consultation services are available in person as well as on site and digitally.

In-Person Consultation

In-Person consultation services available at our California manufacturing facility. Our experts will apply their years of knowledge to helping solve any issues you may be having. Explore our inventory of gasket materials, hoses, and fittings and learn what fabrication and assembly processes will be utilized to produce your custom product. Open communication ensures we provide the highest quality product with speed and accuracy. Schedule an appointment today, call 510-635-9151.

On-Site Consultation

Our dedication to providing excellent service to our customers doesn’t stop at our office. Schedule a site visit with one of our team members today. We have helped navigate fluid delivery systems in new and old construction and assisted with product education for users. Our staff arrives eager to understand the complicated aspects of any size project. Please communicate any environmental hazards, as well as any safety or identification requirements prior to site visit. Schedule an appointment today, call 510-635-9151.

Digital Consultation

Schedule a Zoom, Go-to-Meeting, FaceTime or Skype call with one our team members today.

Quality Assurance

Bay Rubber Company’s commitment to quality promises we develop, produce and deliver products and services that consistently conform and exceed our customer’s expectations. We are dedicated to the pursuit of quality and error free production through quality management systems and high standard quality inspection strategies.

Tight Tolerance Production – Machined parts are capable of meeting tight tolerances exceeding industry standards for rubber products. Most materials can meet tolerance less than +/-.010 inches. Major factors that impact tight tolerance include part design and complexity, material selection, tooling and process design control.

High-Precision Standards – Materials and assemblies are fabricated to the highest precision standards possible. Measurement verification devices and reporting ensure all components meet or exceed the intended standard.

De-burring and Visual Inspection - Parts and assemblies are carefully examined to ensure they pass all quality standards and are visually acceptable for the most stringent applications. Aesthetic and performance are critical factors in the success of every item manufactured at Bay Rubber Company.

Measurement Services - Bay Rubber Company provides accurate measurement data using a Coordinate Measurement Machine, Laser Line Scanner, and traditional measurement tools. Using the best inspection, modeling, and reporting software, Bay Rubber Company verifies cut parts and provides customers with formatted reports highlighting all the key measurement and tolerance requirements. Reverse engineering services include point cloud capture, polygonal model conversion and the formation of 2D and 3D CAD files.

Types of tools
  • Calipers
  • Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)
  • Faro Arm Laser Line Scanner
  • Faro Arm Probe
  • Go/No-Go Gage
  • Ground Resistance Tester
  • Micrometer
  • Hardness Tester
  • Micrometer
  • Microscope
  • Pressure Testing
  • Protractor
  • Scale
  • Straight Ruler
  • Surface Plate
  • Tape Measures
On-Time Delivery Services

We enable our customers through the delivery of high quality products. To make good on that promise we work to develop programs that ensure on-time delivery of parts and services through demand planning, sourcing and procurement, production, inventory management and logistics strategies.

Demand Planning - Forecasting and demand planning with Bay Rubber Company is easy. Supply chain management strategy ensures that we have dedicated stock for customer materials and an expansive inventory of high quality sheet rubber, hose lengths, and accessories, available always. We know our customers work hard to generate demand for their amazing products and we take responsibility for keeping a steady supply of products and materials ready at a moment’s notice. Buyers and purchasing agents can submit purchase orders to our inside sales team and we guarantee on-time delivery. We have built lasting relationships with many Original Equipment Manufacturers and maintained excellent marks on supplier scorecards for some of Americas most recognized brands.

Sourcing and Procurement - At Bay Rubber Company we are always looking for new and better solutions to meet our customer demands. Procurement personnel have established relationships with material suppliers and distributors across the country. Finding materials that meet and exceed our customer requirements is part of our key strategies. Working with many different distributors allows us to seek out the highest quality most cost conscious solutions for any size project. We source from the best companies and try to maintain a high inventory of domestically produced products. Bay Rubber Company is a full-service distributor of many industrial products available for purchase in our online store. In addition to off the shelf products our manufacturing and production capabilities allow for fully customized parts and assemblies.

Production - Value added production takes place at our Oakland facility. Here we build end to end hose assemblies, coupled in a variety of fashions to best suit the intended application. CAD/CAM technology allows us to convert a wide range of products from rolled materials to compressed sheeting into usable gaskets, seals, and other engineered applications. Production capabilities utilize the best CNC Knife, Laser, and Routing platforms to create specialized products that look fantastic and exceed most industrial standards. Production services include manufacturing, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, part marking & labeling, as well as kitting, and light assembly.

Inventory Management - Utilizing technology to realize inventory management harmony. Technology allows for up to the minute material and production tracing. Maintaining tight controls over material inventory, certificates, and traceability allowing complete transparency. Optimized inventory levels of critical industrial components and materials has helped customers continue worksite operations avoiding costly delays. Procuring, storing and manufacturing customer materials as well as thousands of industrial components and products is nice but getting them into service is what is most important.

Logistics - At Bay Rubber Company we utilize a unique mix of logistics strategies to ensure our customers receive their material on time and in the best possible condition. Whether we are converting raw materials into usable products or shipping materials directly from our vendors to your facility. Working with global logistics firms we can offer the best pricing and JIT strategies to ensure that products arrive at the time requested.