CNC Cutting–Die less Cutting–Flash Cutting–CAD CAM Manufacturing

CNC Knife Cutting & CNC Perforating Services

Also known as dieless cutting or flash cutting, CNC knife cutting is considered a dieless cutting operation because of the absence of traditional steel ruled dies. The process converts G-code from a Digital eXchange Format (.dxf) file to determine a path for the 3-axis tool head to follow. The CNC knife cutter performs a continuous manufacturing operation until the cut command has been completed The knife-cutting tables have a bed size of 60” x 120”, maximum Z-travel distance of 55mm or 2.05”, servo motors and multi-tool options capable of processing a wide variety of flexible and rigid materials, up to 2.00”

Bay Rubber's CNC knife cutting & perforating services offer a mix of manufacturing capabilities and specialized tooling options resulting in extraordinarily tight tolerance manufacturing, excellent small feature resolution, reduced processing time, and customizable machining options.

Bay Rubber Company offers additional services including consultation, material procurement & storage, production planning and more. Our Dieless cutting services can add value to any size project or company. Once a Digital Exchange Format file is submitted a “digital die” is created and material is brought to the manufacturing floor. Concept to tangible products in minutes is a reality with Bay Rubber's CNC knife cutting & perforating services.

Why not have your products, and components manufactured in America? Contact Bay Rubber Company Today: We promise superior results.

Bay Rubber Company performs CNC knife cutting & perforating services for the following industries and applications
  • Footwear & Leather Goods
  • Gaskets in their various forms (6mm Compressed & Tang Graphite included)
  • Foam up to 50mm in thickness
  • Rubber and it’s by-products up to 25mm in thickness
  • Conveyor Belting Materials
  • Industrial Fabrics and Technical Textiles
  • Composite materials: Carbon fiber, Kevlar, Pre-preg, Honeycomb, etc.
  • Adhesives & Laminated Materials (Kiss-cutting)
  • Interior Upholstery (Automotive, Aerospace, Marine)
  • Fashion & Apparel (Multi-Ply Textiles)
  • Plastics (PU, PP, PVC, Polycarbonates, Acrylics, etc.)
  • Paper, Corrugated and Printed Materials
Benefits of Bay Rubber CNC Knife Cutting Services
  • Flash Cutting Increases Yields
    • Production increases and reduced waste material equal better yields
    • Automatic nesting through integrated software – nest shapes within shapes
    • Centers, remnants and wads are utilized rather than stored or scrapped
    • Material does not have to be blocked or stripped
    • Parts can be placed closer together due to no ejection on cutting die or gang die
  • Flash Cutting Eliminates Cutting Dies
    • No waiting for dies to be built
    • No dies needed for new parts
    • No dies needed for design change or samples
    • No dies to be stored or repaired
  • Flash Cutting Decreases Labor Costs
    • Eliminate hand cutting – created simple flanges at user interface
    • Eliminate additional steps such as blocking or stripping material
  • Dieless Cutting is More Versatile than Other Cutting Methods
    • Unlike traditional die cutting, a knife cutting table does not require cutting dies – zero concavity
    • Unlike water jet cutting, flash cut parts do not get wet & cut quality is better on most materials
    • Unlike laser cutting, a knife table does not produce toxic odor or fumes

Additional Benefits of CNC Knife Cutting

Speed Cutting
Speed 10"/sec
Low Setup Cost Large Bed Size
60" x 120"
Wide Range of Acceptable Materials Rapid Prototyping
Small Feature Tolerances +/-.002”
± .0005" / ft
Reduced Cleanup Time Multiple Process Capabilities
Through cut, Kiss Cut, Perforating
No Minimum Orders Transparent Pricing
CNC Services Supported File Types
DXF STEP STP PDF Bitmap Images
All Supported File Types
CDR (CorelDRAW) AI (Adobe Illustrator) EPS (Adobe Illustrator) DXF (must be 2D) DWG (must be 2D) PDF (cut objects must be vector-based) Bitmap images (JPEG, PNG, TIF, etc.) can be used for engraving only (not for cutting)
SVG files are acceptable but often have scaling issues, sending an EPS or PDF is preferred SLDDRW (SolidWorks) SLDPRT (SolidWorks) SLDASM (SolidWorks) STEP (Must be Flattened for 2D Conversion) STP (Must be Flattened for 2D Conversion)

Drawings should be two dimensional whenever possible and include documentation containing critical geometric features and acceptable tolerances. LDD & MBD. Drawings can be submitted securely on our file upload page or directly to